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2024 Tour Dates Coming Soon

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Vera, a vivacious and possibly lost woman, is contemplating becoming a Catholic nun but can’t seem to let go of her vibrators. Her situation is complicated by the onset of rapturous prayers leading the audience to become advice-giving “saints.” As Vera’s story unfolds, it is intertwined with other women’s experiences, exploring the connection between body, spirit, and sexuality. Along the way, the audience offers their “saintly” advice, helping Vera make some of the biggest decisions of her life, starting with what shirt to wear.


“Holy O is a deeply moving experience without an ounce of pretense. The piece masterfully explores sexuality without shame, taboo, or crudeness, beautifully blending moments of humor and solemnity. It is rare that such a piece makes the audience feel so nurtured; while heavy at times, we’re left basking in the glow of what we’ve experienced, and wishing the run time was longer.” (Ari Rogers, DC Theater Arts)

Holy O borders between interactive and immersive theatre.


Holy O would not be possible without the women who bravely shared their stories during its creation.

TRT 60 minutes.

This play is not suitable for children—mature themes and language. Partial nudity, all areas traditionally covered by undergarments remain covered.


Spirituality, sexuality, and audience participation are “a difficult trifecta to balance,

but one that The Holy O manages with grace and sincerity.”

(Ari Rogers, DC Theater Arts)


“A unique and hilarious show”

(Chloe Rabinowitz, Broadway World Nebraska)


“a deeply thought-out, patiently crafted story”

(Emily Lyth, STIR Vancouver)


“I’m definitely into stories like the one in The Holy O

(Geri Mayer-Judson, 980 CKNW & The Jas Johal Show)


Read the 5-STAR REVIEW

the O team


Lauren Hance.

​Writer & Performer

Amelia Headshot.jpg

Amelia Peterson.

Director & Developer


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2024 Dates Coming Soon

Houston, TX

United States



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Houston, TX

July 7 & 8, 2023

A super secret location in The Heights.

Official selection of the 2023 Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, D.C. July 12-23, 2023.

Read the 5/5 STAR Review HERE.

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Official selection of the 2023 Vancouver Fringe Festival in Vancouver, BC. September 8-16.

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Official selection of the 2023 Omaha Fringe Festival in Omaha, NE. August 11-13, 2023.

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