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Make Your Saintly Orb

Step 1:

Take 4 pipe cleaners


Step 2:

Bind 2 pipe cleaners

Shape around head & ears


Step 3:

Add first arch


Step 4:

Add second arch


Step 5:

Don your ORB and glow


You are invited to BECOME THE O and wear your Saintly Orb throughout the experience.

A few reminders:

1. Never touch the performer unless instructed to do so.
2. This is an interactive experience, when asked, you are encouraged to participate. If you find an interaction too overwhelming you may simply say "pass."

3. The actress will occasionally move about the audience unmasked. To avoid this interaction, please sit closer to the back. The actress has tested negative for Covid-19 today.
4. This work broaches sensitive subject matters that could be triggering. If at any moment you feel the need to leave, you have permission to quietly get up and leave the theatre. We respect you, and no mention will be made of your actions.
5. This experience is about hour without an intermission.

Vera- Lauren Hance
Saints- You, our audience
Director- Amelia Peterson
Lighting Design- Liv Jin
Special Thanks Black.png

River & Rail Theatre, Staff, and Board of Directors

Robert Hance

Joshua Peterson


All the women who bravely shared their stories during the creation of The Holy O.


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